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Spring 1


Our class text this half term is 'A Roman Record'. This is a non-fiction text in the style of Newspaper articles. 

Our main writing focus will be Newspaper articles. 

Our Guided Reading lessons will focus on Word meaning, inference skills, Writer's craft and information retrieval.

We can't wait to share some of our wonderful writing with you soon!



This half term, we will be focusing on fractions and decimals.


If you would like to know more information about the method we will look at, please look at our calculation policy (which is available on our school website).  



'The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain'

About this topic:

In this topic we will gain an understanding how our knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of sources. We will also consider how life in the Romans was different from today

Key Words:

Romans, Gladiators, Mosaics, aqueducts, baths, Boudicca, Julius Caesar, armour, villa, chariot


RE: The Way, the Truth, the life.

'Jesus The Teacher'

Learning Opportunities:

  • Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the Temple.
  • Jesus was a Jew.
  • Mary and Joseph found Jesus in the Temple.
  • The Baptism of Jesus.
  • Jesus called people to follow him and be aware that we are called to follow Jesus.
  • Jesus travelled around teaching people and think about the Good News that Jesus teaches.
  • The parables Jesus used to teach people and reflect on their meaning for us today.


Man, God, saviour, Son of God, miracle, resurrection, sacrament, Lamb of God, Palm Sunday, Messiah, king, Romans, Holy Thursday, Passover meal, Last Supper, Gethsemane, betray, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, tomb, risen. 




'Living things and their Habitats'

About this topic:

Pupils will use the local environment throughout the year to raise and answer questions that help them to identify and study plants and animals in their habitat. They will identify how the habitat changes throughout the year. Pupils will explore possible ways of grouping a wide selection of living things that include animals and flowering plants and non-flowering plants. Pupils could begin to put vertebrate animals into groups such as fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals; and invertebrates into snails and slugs, worms, spiders, and insects.



'We are Co-authors'

We will be looking at Wikipedia and its reliability as an internet source. We will also be looking at Julius Caesar (linking to our History topic) and creating our own 'wiki fact-file' about Julius Caesar.



This term for Outdoor PE, we will be focusing on game playing, including playing fairly and rules for basketball.

Our indoor PE sessions will comprise of gymnastic skills. We will be using the equipment to create gymnast circuits, where we can practise and develop our: balancing skills, jumping and landing skills, and also springboard skills. 



'Charanga: Stop!'

Using the Charanga site, our Music unit this half term will look at a song called 'Stop!'. This music has a PSHEE link to bullying and encourages children to learn and understanding that bullying is unkind. The children will use the themes of this song and tune to help them write their own verses to the song. We will also be using this as an opportunity to sing in unison and in harmony with each other. 


Modern Foreign Languages: French

'What's the time?'

This half term, we will be looking at 'how to tell the time in French' . Through this, the children will learn how to tell the time to o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. We will also be reading timetables and specifically focusing on TV schedules.