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Shrewsbury Cathedral

Catholic Primary School

Chestnut Class Year 3

Teachers: Mr Hawes (Monday and Tuesday) Mrs Herbert (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Carter

HLTA: Miss Morgan


Maths Literacy Science Geography Art French Music PE Computing RE

With Mr Hawes we will explore Number sense and Geometric Reasoning.  With Mrs Herbert we will explore addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


In Year 3 we will be reading and writing non-fiction explanation texts with Mr Hawes.  With Mrs Herbert, we will be reading 'Letters from Felix' (a fiction story) and writing postcards and letters of our own.

Year 3 will be studying animals (humans) and skeletons exploring diet, skeleton and exercise.

All around the world - Europe and hemispheres

Children will focus in their understanding of countries and cities in Europe and explore the effect of hemisphere on climate. 

A famous Artist

Children will study the work of artist Picasso and complete self-portraits in the style of this artist.  

Getting to know you.  Children will learn a range of greetings and introductions.     Coding - children will be using PurpleMash to code a programme.