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Shrewsbury Cathedral

Catholic Primary School

Chestnut Class Year 3


Follow our weekly fishkeeping lessons


Week 1

This week we learnt what a fish was and we learnt how to set up an Aquarium! 

STEP 1 (loving the led light!)

Teachers: Mr Hawes (Monday and Tuesday) Mrs Herbert (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Carter

HLTA: Miss Morgan



Maths Literacy Science Geography DT French Music PE Computing RE

With Mr Hawes we will explore Number sense and Geometric Reasoning.  With Mrs Herbert we will explore addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


With Mrs Herbert we are reading The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton and we are learning how to write stories based in imaginary settings.  We are looking closely at how to use speech punctuation and conjunctions as well as some adverbs.

We have been chosen following our application to be part of 'The Fishkeeper Fry project 2020'.

In Geography we will be exploring the counties of the UK and discussing their features such as population and transport. We will use maps and grid references. We will be designing and making a 'Very British Picnic' for our imaginary setting! Food Glorious Food     Branching databases