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If Tudor Walls Could Speak

Look at all the things we have been doing during our Topic work.  

In science we learnt that shadows are made when light is blocked. We then used torches to investigate how to make our shadows bigger and smaller. 
This week have been continuing to make our Tudor houses. They are nearly finished..

In our topic lessons we made some tea stained paper. Next week we will be making quills and writing calligraphy to make it look like it came from Tudor times.

Using our tea stained paper we had a go at writing with a quill and ink. We are then going to make a Tudor horn book and use our calligraphy to put ontop.

In numeracy the multipliers and dividers have been looking at the grid method of multiplication. They created videos to show what they did. Look below to see how they did...

In our PE lessons we have been doing some Tudor dances. Look at our videos to see how good we were!