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Making Ice cream

We had some visitors from Blessed Robert Johnson School, they showed us how to make ice cream.
Picture 1 First we had to put the sugar in the bag.
Picture 2 Next we added some milk.
Picture 3 Then we added some cream.
Picture 4 Doctor Bell added the vanilla essence.
Picture 5 We zipped up the bag with all the ingredients
Picture 6 We put 3 cupfuls of ice into a bag & added salt
Picture 7 We put the small bag inside the large bag.
Picture 8 We wrapped the bag in a cloth
Picture 9 We squeezed the bags together so it froze it all
Picture 10 It took about ten minutes to make some ice cream.
Picture 11 We took the small bag out of the large bag...
Picture 12 ...and looked at the ice cream we had made
Picture 13 Our ice cream tasted delicious!
Picture 14