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Year 5

The Childrens' response to this week


Maths This week in maths, we have been focusing on the bus stop method for division so that we can be ready for our tests.
literacy We have been learning the key skills in poems like rhyme, alliteration and onamatophea which we will use in our poem about the journey of a raindrop.   
Science This week, we have been looking at the different elements on a river and the speed the water travels in it. We put this knowledge into a report that we wrote on the computer.
Art Our class has been starting to make a miniature model of a river seven, from the peaks of the Welsh mountains, to the ocean.
P.E. We have been preparing for an oncoming Cricket tournament this Wednesday and focusing on all the learned skills this session.
Music Our class has been finding all the elements of a song such as: the rhythm, melody and tune which we will use in our music masterpiece.
The way, truth and life In our Religious Education, we have been looking at different religions and understanding what they mean.
History In History, we have been finding out about our ancestors, family crest and what our name actually means and originates from.
By Jakub Zaczynski  

Welcome to Year 5!
Class Teacher - Miss Cryer
Teaching assisstants Mrs Barrnett and Mrs O'neil

Summer 1st Half Term

The Landscape of the Rainforests

A great website for links to Rainforest


Our Topic this Half Term is based on Geographical enquiry of the Rainforests.  We will be exploring the animals, plants and people which live in the Rainforests around the world.  We will be using map skills, secondary sources and completing a Fundraising Conservation project.  Through art we will be using a selection of materials and techniques to create Rainforest Landscape Art including collages, clay sculptures and tile designinging.  We will be focusing on the use of Perspective in Paintings and basing our work on the artis Henri Rosseau. 

Spelling/Letters and Sounds

Over the next fe weeks Year 5 will be learning how to spell words with unstressed Vowels;
Here a some websites we will be using in class to help;

Word scamble


As a focus for our reading and writing this term we will be writing Stories from other cultures and creating persuasive performance peoms.  We will be reading a selection of books based on the Rainforest such as 'Where the Forest meets the sea' and The Great Kapok Tree'.


  • Writing Targets for Year 5 this term include;
  • Effective use of expanded noun phrases to add interest and detail (as opposed to strings of not so well chosen adjectives). e.g The  scruffy boy  with the shy smile shuffled through the crowds
  • To consider the role of the above in creating specific impressions through; surprising and illuminating combinations of words; repetition, alliteration, onomatopoeia, rhythm and rhyme


  • To apply sentence features which may be used in good performance poems, for example well-chosen words, powerful verbs, adjectives, adverbs and precise nouns. 
  • Write using paragraphs to chow changes in time, person place or subject and make smooth transitions between them.


Some usefule websites to help with these are

This half term in numeracy it is vital that children are constantly practising their times tables up to 12 x 12 at home.  They will need these through many aspects of our numeracy work this half term. 

Numeray targets
Our main foci for this half term amoungst many others are;
Long multiplication of htu x u and tu x tu
Multiplication arrays
Grid method multiplication
Written multiplication

Division by chunking upwards e.g. 567 divided by 7Division through chunking
Line graphs and time line chartsCan you make your own to show some information and test Mum or dad?
 Analysing data from bar line charts

Measuring accuratly to the nearest mm and converting units of measure
Units of length and distance
Identifying equivalent fractions decimals and percentages.Try a few of these

Easter Production @ 6pm on Thursday 18th April.  Please arrive with children no later than 5.45pm in their costumes.   

Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school all week and has suitable outdoor clothing for PE such as joggers and jumpers.  PE will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Homework will be set on a Friday and is due in on a Wednesday (Spellings, minute maths and literacy or numeracy which will be based on the learning taken place during that week)

Spelling test is on a Wednesday and you will see the results when your child brings home their new set of spellings the following week, or alternatively they have the chance to record them in their 'Home/school liason' book.

Although the children are now in Year 5 and are heard read primarily through guided reading sessions on a weekly basis opposed to one to one, it is still important that they read at home and are questioned about their individual text.  It is always nice to see parents writing in their home/school books and I know the children like it too.

Here's to a busy but exciting half term!

As always, if you have any concerns or queries then please do not heitate to ask. 

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