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Phonics and Early Reading 


Throughout the Early Years and KS1, we provide high quality teaching and learning for daily systematic synthetic phonic sessions using the Read Write Inc. programme to ensure consistency in practice and delivery. Emphasis is placed on the application of sounds through reading phonetically decodable texts tightly matched to the phonics programme and encoding for spelling and writing.

Phonics is taught daily and children are taught in small groups appropriate to their level. Teaching is applied and reinforced throughout the day in other subjects.

Progress is assessed and monitored through half-termly assessments and any child at risk of falling behind or needing support will be quickly identified and targeted for additional intervention to enable them to catch up.

The phonics screening test is taken by all Year 1 children in June each year, with those children in Year 2 not achieving the threshold, targeted for further precise intervention to ensure rapid progress to close the attainment gap.

All teachers and teaching assistants are well-trained and have a consistent approach to the teaching of phonics and to ensure fidelity from EYFS to Year 6. 


Please look at documents below for further information:

For more information on what happens after Read Write Inc visit Reading beyond phonics | The Blessed Edward Campion Federation (