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Forest School

Forest School

Forest School is an integral part of our infrastructure. Children and staff love it. Not only does it function as a traditional forest school, with time built into the timetable for access by all children through the year, it also links in to form an intrinsic part of our overall curriculum offer. Weather it's making Heaven's doors out of a range of natural materials for RE or searching for and classifying invertebrates as part of our Science curriculum, our forest school is is a magical resource that enhances our community. It forms an important part of our SEMH offer and is a place to feel calm, reconnect with nature and nurture the mind. 

Some of our highlights so far this year:

Willow Class (Y3) have been using the saw, making fossils, discovering the layers of soil, making compost and eating apples from our orchard!

In Chestnut class (Y2) they have been foraging for edible fruits and seeds, identifying living, dead and never been living things, mark making on clay and mark making using natural and manmade materials.

Maple Class (Y1) have been doing seasonal observations, senses work, investigating materials, looking at God's World and splashing in puddles

During our eco-school time we managed the grounds and prepared some wooden discs for poppies.

Learning we are proud of 2022 - 2023

Highlights from Year 5 - druid crowns, tie die and investigating pulleys and levers...

Highlights from Year 4 - Experimenting with Pitch