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Impact: Assessment and Feedback

These documents must be read in conjunction with our Teaching, Learning and Feedback Policy. They help demonstrate how Shrewsbury Cathedral Catholic Primary School and Nursery assess pupil progress in English across the phases, ensuring coverage of the National Curriculum. There are explanations as to how we use our Unit Cover Sheets and Learning Objectives (LOs) to record progress and set next steps and challenge. They may be used to help you understand at what stage your child is at, to support your children's progress and learning and as a point of reference for you on our impact of an inclusive curriculum. We also use formal, summative assessments to help track pupil progress over time and an example of these can also be found below.

Unit Front Covers


Each main Literacy unit begins with a front cover. In addition to this, we also do stand alone units linked to key events such as Poetry Week and Shakespeare Week. 

These are used to share the intent, audience and purpose for writing with the children and to identify key National Curriculum Objectives that will be covered in the unit (these may be reworded or broken down). Teachers may include objectives from previous year groups for review if necessary. 

The spelling targets are drawn from the spellings schemes used by that Year group. 



Learning Objectives 


At the beginning of each learning session, a learning objective is shared with the children. This indicates the main goal of the lesson. The focus skills are then differentiated into Bronze, Silver and Gold. 

The style of task is indicated where applicable such as PW for partner work or TA for work supported by a teaching assistant. 

At the end of the lesson, the key skills are highlighted green for achieved or pink for not achieved based on that child's level. Some may use green/pink for where an objective is partly achieved. This highlighting may be done by the teacher, teaching assistant or as part a self-assessment or peer-assessment process. 


Assessment Frameworks 


At least once a half term, an independent piece of writing is selected for assessment by the teacher using the frameworks below. 

Children are involved in this process and will work with the adult to identify ways that they've improved and what they need to continue working on. 

Other pieces of independent writing provide the opportunity for publication, self and peer assessment. 


Children must meet all relevant criteria to achieve each level.