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School Clubs

At St Patrick's we offer a range of after school clubs throughout the year such as ICT, art, cookery, sports, choir and much more!

A letter is sent out at the start of every term detailing the clubs on offer for children in each class. A due date for slips will be on the clubs letter, after this day all slips will be drawn 'from a hat' to ensure everyone has an equal chance of attending. If the amount of children exceeds the club limit we may split the club over the 2 half terms or children would be added to the waiting list. Other clubs maybe by invitation only, in this instance an invitation letter will be sent to each child, which will have its own return slip attached. Choir and Singing Stars are our most popular clubs. At the begining of each academic year all children who would like a place in these clubs, are required to send a slip back, these children will then continue to have a place in Choir and Singing Stars throughout the year. We do not run clubs the first and last week of any term (they do run either side of half term unless otherwise listed on the letter).

There are many opportunities to learn a new sport and develop skills at St. Patrick's. There are a range of sports available for children throughout the school such as netball, rugby, basketball and football.


Please contact the school office to find out more information or see Mrs Frost for a clubs letter.