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St Patrick's

Catholic Primary School

Year 6

Year 6


Teacher - Mr Crewe-Read


Teaching Assistant: Mrs Davies


Welcome to our class page!


Here you will find everything you need to know about our class, our expectations and updates on what we've been learning about.


For more information about the curriculum please head over to our dedicated curriculum page.

Weekly Timetable

Science: Trying to draw with your eyes closed (absence of light)!

Exploring the emotion of anger!

Proving that light travels in a straight line.

Improving control in football.

Hot-seating Jesus and the blind man in RE

13.10.2023 Creating a puppet show using our knowledge of shadows.

17.10.2023 Learning to play the recorder.

7,12.2023 Year 6 Rock!

19.12.2023 Consolidating our basketball skills.

12.01.2024 Science experiment - Can you spot the mouldy bread?

12.01.2024 Dogs Trust visit - role play!

19.01.2024 Keep rolling, rolling. rolling!

26.01.2024 - Reading in the Book Corner

01.02.2024 Making Pizza!

09.02.2024 Composing and making music!

15.03.2024 Playing our new games!

22.03.2024 This week has all been about Bikeability!

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