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What do our parents think ...


Thank you children of St Patrick's. We came to see your Easter play expecting to be delighted, we were also moved by your wonderful, outstanding and joyous performance! Thank you also to the inspirational teachers who made this happen.

Some comments from our recent questionnaire in March 2024:


It was a joy to meet Mr Wesley, a fabulous addition to the school, his manner with Jack was wonderful.


Great school


The school and staffs are doing perfectly well in grooming my children to become great personalities in the near future. The environment is also superb.


I am very very pleased with how the school have handled my child's difficulties.


My son is performing really well , I had parents teaching meeting and was very impressed with my son’s performance. I must say thank you to miss Baldwin, assistant teacher and especially Mrs Price.


Since the day my son started at St Patricks I have been blown away by the support offered and the genuine kindness shown by the whole school. Some people will be kind because its needed in their profession but then you have the staff at ST Patricks who are quite clearly kind because its who they are as a person.


The standards set by you guys are just amazing and its the little things that you do to go above and beyond e.g. when your office staff watch my younger daughter if my wife needs to go into school, to the presents being bought for my son. This isn't normal practice, this is a school that leads from the heart. I know this isn't going to last forever as he will be moving in the next few months but I wanted you to know that we notice it. 


Wow! What a fantastic Christmas tea this morning. It was a joy to be served by such polite children and the singing was a delight.

Thankyou for all the hard work of the staff and the SPSA.

Please do repeat next year.

My Thanks

These are a selection of comments from our Parent / Carer questionnaire - September 2023


I cannot praise the team at St Patrick's enough - it really is an excellent school. The leadership team are always visible and clearly driving a positive culture from the front. Stand out positives for me are the school's pragmatic attitude to risk (evident during covid when the nativity still went ahead, and the adult race at sports day for example). The positive culture around success is also evident, with things like star assembly, and still having winners at sports day being stand out examples. The comms is excellent too - with the weekly newsletter being an email I genuinely look forward to receiving, allowing me to keep in touch with the school's activities and my childrens' development, despite often working away. All I can say is keep doing what you're doing, as it is clearly working. Thank you to the whole team at St Patrick's.


My daughter loves the school, the staff are brilliant.


Excellent school with knowledgeable and caring staff. I could not recommend the school enough and will be sad when we move into secondary.




It was amazing  to see all our children singing and dancing at the young voices concert. The atmosphere was wonderful. 

Last night my daughter told me, "Mum I feel like a different person now. I have never done singing and dancing  in front of so many people in my life." This experience is going to stay with her forever. 

Thank you Mrs Kendrick for all your efforts. And bonus, the seats for St Patrick's parents were in a perfect spot. We could see the concert clearly. 




Hi, I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed Telford sings last night. The children were amazing and so well behaved it made me really proud to be part of St Patrick’s. To say they were the only KS1 group they did so well. Mrs Kendrick the children knowing all those songs so beautifully didn’t come without lots of hard work, thank you so much for the amazing input you have, they really are lucky to be able to take part in these things and perform, and you can see how much they love it and you. Thanks again we really loved attending and watching the children.



Good morning,


Thank you so much for coming to our Home this morning.  We all loved to see the children and to hear them all sing so beautifully.    I have attached a couple of pictures for you to share.  Our residents wrote short messages to the children and also gave thank you cards which they made.  We hope you like them.


I have to say the children behaved impeccably, as did the teachers J and all were so polite and a huge credit to you and your school.


We hope to be able to see you all again soon and that next time, we can invite you inside for a biscuit.


Thank you again






We just wanted to send you an email to praise what a fantastic job Mrs Hunter is doing. For two people who both work in schools, we realise staff don’t often receive positive feedback and we wanted to address that.


She clearly knows our son and also puts a lot of effort to ensure he is happy in school. We are grateful to her for giving up her valuable time after-school today after a long day to talk about our son. She is a credit to the school and she is someone who is destined to progress. Thanks also to you today for being there for Tobie, he mentioned that you saved him on the playground.