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First Aid

I would like to outline how first aid is administered and how parents and carers are notified.


First Aid

How first aid is administered and notified

If your child requires first aid while at school, they will be treated in school appropriately and the incident recorded in the first aid book. For all minor bumps and grazes, parents and carers will be notified at the end of the school day by the receipt of a first aid slip in your child’s bag. Parents are to remember to check children’s bags every evening.  The first aid slip will outline the details of the accident and first aid administered. The school will notify parents and carers by a text if their child bumps their head or, if we believe they require further treatment or closer monitoring at home, a phone call will be made.



Method of contact

Head Injury

Believed to be minor


Can remain in school and to be monitored by staff

Head Injury

Needs monitoring more closely or requires medical check/treatment

Phone call

Parent Collection

Facial injury

Minor/more serious

Phone call

Can remain in school and to be monitored by staff or needs collection from school

Intimate injury

Minor/more serious

Phone call

Can remain in school and to be monitored by staff o needs collection from school


Head Bump Procedure

Serious Head Bumps

If after a head injury a child is unconscious or fits, an ambulance should be called immediately, and the parents contacted.

If a child suffers from any of the following symptoms medical advice must be sought and if advised the child should be taken to see either their GP or to A&E by the parents or by school staff.

• Loss of consciousness

• Vomiting

• Sleepiness

• Fits or abnormal limb movements

• Persisting dizziness or difficulty walking

• Strange behaviour or confused speech


If a child sustains a serious head injury whilst at school, the following information should be recorded from any witness.

• Was the child behaving in an unusual way before the injury?

• What happened to cause the injury?

• If they fell, how far did they fall?

• What did they hit their head against?

• Did the child lose consciousness? If so, for how long?

• How did they appear afterwards?

• Did they vomit afterwards?

• Was the child observed to have any other problem after the injury?

Parents/carers will be contacted by phone in the event of a serious head bump incident.


Less Serious Head Bumps or those considered at the time to be less serious.

Children may appear well immediately after sustaining a head injury but show signs of complications later in the day. School staff must remain vigilant and take the appropriate action if the child develops a problem.

Regardless of whether the school seeks medical advice about the child, all information should be given to parents so that if the child becomes unwell after school, information will be helpful to parents if they need to see a doctor.


Person carrying out first aid MUST complete the duplicated accident book. Page 1 is sent home with the child along with the Head bump information sheet.


First Aider to apply a GREEN wrist band to the child, this will inform other staff and any after school clubs that the child has had a head bump during the day. Parents to remove this at home on the same day to prevent any confusion the following day.


The school office will notify parents by text message following any minor head injury to a child. Parents/carers may follow this up with a call to the office or may come to school to inspect the injury, if they so wish.